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Composite materials of modern sliding bearings
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The sliding bearing of internal combustion engine is the main friction pair of internal combustion engine, it bears very high dynamic load, and the magnitude and direction of the load change greatly, and the working temperature is generally up to 100 ℃ to 170 ℃ under the conduction of high temperature in combustion chamber. The sliding bearing of single material is difficult to adapt to this working condition, so the composite material composed of Steel ridge and antifriction alloy is widely used in internal combustion engine sliding bearing.

Another kind of composite material is used in the self run bearing, it can withstand the high load of 250n/mm2 under the condition of oil-free lubrication. Operating temperature range 200 ℃ to 280 ℃. Can withstand the vibration weighing the load in the vacuum environment or the radiation. It also uses steel ridges and other materials to synthesize composite materials, but the composite steel back material is different from the internal combustion engine sliding bearing materials.

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