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How to distinguish the bearing lubricating oil from deterioration
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1) Oil flow observation method

Take two cups, one bearing lubricant to be inspected, the other empty on the desktop, will be filled with bearings lubricants measuring cup high away from the desktop 30-40 cm and tilt, so that the lubricant slowly flow into the empty cup, to observe its flow, good quality lubricant oil flow should be slender, uniform, continuous, If the oil flow is fast and slow, sometimes a large stream, it shows that the bearing lubricants have deteriorated.

2 Hand Twist method

The bearing lubricating oil twist in between the thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, good lubricant hand feel lubrication, less abrasive, no friction, if you feel the sand between the fingers and other large friction, it shows that more than the journal lubricants, can not be used, should replace the new lubricants.

3 Illumination method

On a clear day, use a screwdriver to lift the bearing lubricating oil to a 45-degree angle with the horizontal plane. Control the sun, observe the oil droplets, in the light, can be clearly seen in the lubricant without grinding debris for good, can continue to function, if too much debris, should be replaced lubricants.

4) Oil Drop trace method

Take a clean white filter strip, drop the number of drops in the filter, paper to be bearing lubricating oil leakage, if the surface has black powder, touch with the hands of a sense of resistance, it shows that the oil inside the magazine has a lot of good lubricating oil without powder, hand touch up dry and smooth, and yellow traces.

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