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Lead to SKF bearing cage constant fracture factor
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1. SKF Bearing Lubrication Problem

SKF bearing running in a lean state, easy to form adhesion wear, so that the work surface deterioration, adhesion of the tear produced by the easy to enter the cage, so that the cage generated abnormal load, may cause cage rupture.

2. SKF Bearing creep phenomenon

The sliding phenomenon of the creep multiple-finger ferrule, in the case of insufficient interference of the mating surface, causes the load point to move toward the surrounding direction because of the sliding, and produces the phenomenon that the ring relative axis or the shell deviates to the circumferential direction position.

3. SKF Bearing cage Abnormal load

The installation is not in place, tilt, excessive interference volume is too large, such as easy to reduce the clearance, increase friction heat, surface softening, premature abnormal spalling, with the expansion of spalling, peeling foreign bodies into the cage pockets, resulting in cage operation block and generate additional load, increased the wear of cages, so the cycle of deterioration of the role, May cause the cage to break.

4. SKF Bearing cage material defects

Cracks, large pieces of metal inclusions, shrinkage, bubble and riveting defects of nails, pad nails or two-half cage joint surface gap, serious riveting injury may cause cage rupture.

5. SKF bearing hard foreign body intrusion

The invasion of foreign hard foreign bodies or other impurities aggravated the wear of cages.

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