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Locking Plate
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The locking plate is a fracture fixation device with threaded holes, which, after being screwed with threaded screws, becomes a (screw) angle fixing device. Both locked and unlocked holes can be used to screw in the different screws. Any screw or bolt that can be screwed into an angular fixation (stable) is essentially a locking plate. The fixation of steel plate is not dependent on the friction of the bone to achieve the connection, but depends entirely on the structure of the interlocking steel plate itself. Steel plate and bone surface can leave a certain gap, eliminating the steel plate and bone pressure contact adverse effects, greatly improved the blood and periosteum growth and recovery. The main biomechanical difference with the traditional steel plate is that the latter relies on the friction of the bone-plate interface to complete the compression of the steel plate to the bone.

The locking screws are tapping screws, which can be used without tapping or bone drilling; there is no pressure between the steel plate and the cortex, no pressure on the periosteum, so as to protect the blood movement of the periosteum, which can meet the requirement of minimally invasive operation, and can protect the local blood movement of the fracture well, and then do not need the bone grafting operation; Under the condition of the load, the stress stimulation between the fracture blocks is beneficial to the callus formation and the fracture healing.

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