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Three magic weapons to identify imported bearing faults
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1, through the voice to identify:

It takes a lot of experience to recognize sound. Must be fully trained to be able to identify NSK bearing sound with non NSK bearing sound. To this end, the work should be carried out as far as possible by special personnel. The sound of NSK bearings can be clearly heard with a listening device or a listening bar affixed to the shell.

2, through the operating temperature to identify:

This method belongs to the comparative identification method. Only used in situations where the running state is not very changeable. This. Continuous recording of temperature is required. When there is a failure, not only the temperature rises, but also irregular changes.

3, through the state of the lubricant identification

Sample analysis of lubricant. It is judged by whether the foul degree is mixed with foreign body or metal powder. This method is especially effective for NSK bearings or large NSK bearings that cannot be near to the observation.

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