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Vibration and noise of bearings
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The vibration of bearings is caused by contact contact excitation, and the factors that influence contact contact characteristics, such as load, velocity and lubrication, will affect the vibration characteristics of the bearing.

The bearings noise is the result of the transmission of the bearing vibration in the air by the perception of the human auditory system. The sound pressure level of vibration and noise of some domestic low noise deep groove ball bearings is similar to that of foreign low noise bearings, but foreign bearing samples have uniform sound pressure level, good consistency, and the divergence of domestic bearing samples is large, the consistency is poor, and the proportion of foreign samples with abnormal sound is low.

The abnormal sound of ball bearings is a new problem and an old one. Said it is a new problem, because it is in recent years the bearing from the low vibration value to the mute direction development, the bearing quality unceasingly raises the question which exposes. Said it is the old problem, because in the pursuit of low vibration at the beginning of the sound quality of the bearing has not put forward higher requirements, but the bearing abnormal sound is objective, once the vibration value of the bearing has been reduced to a certain level, abnormal sound appeared.

China's early bearing vibration measuring instrument can only detect the effective value of the vibration of this parameter, the testing of qualified products, users still think that some bearings have abnormal sound. This is because the measured vibrational values are not closely related to the abnormal sound. The effective value of bearing vibration to the average level of vibration, but can not effectively judge whether the bearings have abnormal sound, but the vibration acceleration level peak technical requirements of the peak limit to the bearing vibration (noise) level of the effective grading evaluation, the bearing of abnormal sound test can play a certain role in the Regulation, Therefore, it has good rationality and practicability.

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