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Common Faults Of Gearbox
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Difficulty in blocking

When the gear lever is in gear, it is difficult to get into the gear and can not get into the position of the person, or when the gear is on, it is not up to the block when it is blocked.

The reasons are as follows:

(1) Clutch separation is not complete, can not completely cut off power. Specific performance of two aspects: one is due to improper operation, pedal did not tread to the end, resulting in separation is not complete, difficult to hang. This phenomenon is common in the novice, because not skilled, often pedal did not step on the end of the block, there is no blocking, and the situation of the gear;

(2) The new vehicle individual meshing tooth tooth end is coarse, causes hangs the gear to be difficult;

(3) Shifting fork loose, bending, shifting fork shaft bending, rust, difficult to move, the fork shaft fixed fork locking screws loose, it will also cause the difficulty of blocking;

(4) The shift lever on the reverse pull rod length adjustment is improper, when the reverse gear, resulting in the lock plate rising height is not enough, can not smoothly into the reverse position.

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