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Gearbox Maintenance Process
- Mar 01, 2018 -

1. Disintegration and preliminary examination

Is the first step in the gearbox repair, the gearbox completely disintegrated, including internal oil pump, clutch, piston, planetary frame, valve body (sliding valve box), differential, torque converter, and so on, all the disintegration are strictly in accordance with technical specifications and rely on a large number of special equipment and tools, otherwise it will cause damage to parts. After the dissolution, according to the standard technical data for all parts of the initial detection and according to the actual gearbox fault point. The parts which are visually detected and the disposable parts and the remaining parts are placed separately to enter the next procedure.

2, parts cleaning and testing

Parts cleaning in the maintenance process is a very important process, cleanliness is the key to the maintenance quality assurance, any small impurities will have a great impact on the quality of the gearbox work.

The cleaning process also has to go through several processes to complete, first kerosene wash, the second step ultrasonic cleaning, the third step hot water cleaning, fourth step compressed air cleaning. Cleanliness requires all parts to be spotless, the surface must not have any oil, oil road unobstructed.

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