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How To Maintain The Gearbox
- Mar 01, 2018 -

More and more cars are equipped with automatic transmissions. With an automatic gearbox, people can drive the car with one foot throttle and one foot brake, which is very relaxing. If the owner usually ignores the maintenance of automatic gearbox, the delicate automatic transmission is very easy to malfunction.

The owner of the most easily overlooked is the correct selection and timely replacement of automatic transmission oil. In addition to the usual correct driving, the key to maintenance is the correct "oil change." It is important to note that the automatic transmission oil (ATF), which is used by the manufacturer, must be used otherwise it will cause abnormal wear of the automatic transmission. Replacing the automatic transmission oil cannot be done at a roadside or car beauty shop because it is very strict. The international automatic transmission has two series, using two series standard automatic transmission oil, both cannot interchange and mix, otherwise will damage the automatic transmission. Therefore, the replacement of automatic transmission oil, the owner must go to the special repair plant or professional automatic transmission repair shop.

Under normal circumstances, automatic transmission car 20000 kilometers to 25000 kilometers per trip should be cleaned and maintained once, or when the gearbox skid, high water temperature, shifting slow, system leakage cleaning and maintenance once.

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