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Technology And Development Trend Of Hub Bearing
- Mar 01, 2018 -

High Performance sealing ring

As the wheel bearing is very close to the ground and high temperature brake disc and other parts, need to adapt to a variety of complex road conditions and poor driving environment. Therefore, the bearing seal ring must have good grease-proof performance, and must have good heat-resisting, mud-proof and sewage performance.

Rolling technology

The third generation hub bearings generally use the rolling technology self-locking half inner ring, the use of rolling technology when the axial load of the hub spindle to produce plastic deformation, so that the hub spindle and half inner ring connected as one. Compared with the traditional nut fastening, the third generation wheel bearing with the rolling technology is helpful to reduce the volume and weight while reducing the cost and increasing the reliability of the hub bearing. At the same time, the steps to adjust the position of the internal parts are removed when assembling the car.

Miniaturization of lightweight

The second generation and the third generation hub bearing structure design must carry on the finite element analysis, guarantees the flange to have enough rigidity simultaneously to reduce its volume and the weight as far as possible, among them the third generation hub bearing rigidity namely the wheel flange opposite the outer ring flange angle. Through the integration and miniaturization of the design to reduce the weight of the axle, the second generation of hub bearings to reduce the first generation of 180g, while the third-generation hub bearings further reduce the 120g weight.

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