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The Classification Of The Gearbox
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Divide by transmission ratio

(1) A grade transmission: the most widely used type of transmission. It adopts gear transmission and has several fixed-value transmission ratios. According to the type of gear wheel, there are two kinds of axes fixed transmission (ordinary transmission) and Axis rotary transmission (planetary gear transmission). Transmission ratios for cars and light and medium goods vehicles usually have 3-5 advance gears and one reverse gear, and more stalls in the modular transmissions for heavy goods vehicles. The so-called transmission gear number refers to its forward gear number.

(2) stepless transmission: CVT transmission ratio in a certain range of values can be unlimited multi-level changes, the common electric and hydraulic type (Dynamic liquid type) two. The variable speed transmission component of power type CVT is a DC series-excitation motor, which is widely used in the transmission system of super Heavy dump truck except for trolley bus. The transmission components of the dynamic liquid type CVT are hydraulic torque converters.

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