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The Working Principle Of The Gearbox
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts, which generate variable torque by different gear combinations, and the automatic gearbox at is composed of hydraulic torque converter, planetary gear and hydraulic control system, and achieves variable torque by means of fluid force transfer and gear combination.

The hydraulic torque converter is at the most characteristic part, it is composed of the pump wheel, turbine and guide wheel, directly input the engine power transmission torque and clutch function. The pump wheel and the turbine are a pair of working combinations, they are like two fans in relative position, the wind of an active fan will drive the blades of another passive fan to rotate, and the flowing air--the wind becomes the medium of kinetic energy transmission.

If the liquid instead of air becomes the medium of kinetic energy, the pump wheel will drive the turbine through the liquid, and then the pump wheel and the turbine with the guide wheel to improve the transfer efficiency of the liquid. Because the range of torque converter is not big enough and its efficiency is low.

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